Monday, August 12, 2013

Coming into the home stretch now . . . another few hours today and this one is done. Once the feathers are finished, I am going to decide if the background needs a bit more weight on the right side of the composition to balance out the left facing direction of the bird . . . meaning maybe the addition of another branch in the background beyond the bird and with a basically right leaning movement; won't really know that till the bird is complete and I see just how much weight it carries across the mid point vertical split. In my original sketch, what is shown is what I felt comfortable with as far as balancing out the composition. But, sometimes it is not till the very end that I realize that a bit more weight needs to be given to one side or the other especially in a very horizontal work like this one. Remains to be seen! But then, that is the 'fun' of being an artist . . . all possibilities are open for 'discussion'.

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