Friday, August 02, 2013

As mentioned in my previous posting, The Woodson Art Museum's Project Postcard is quite an event for attendees of the opening night reception for this year's edition of Birds in Art, on September 6th. I've enveloped my four contributions to the event and will get them off on Monday. As a teaser, here are my four postcards . . . slightly altered so as to keep their images a secret till they are purchased by some lucky buyers next month. If you'd like the opportunity to acquire one of these or any of the other dozens and dozens of postcards that will be donated by exhibition artists, contact the museum to find out how you may access an invitation to the Friday evening event. And, don't forget to bring cash . . . the museum won't take plastic!

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Judith Angell Meyer said...

Slightly altered? Interesting sense of humor you have. :-)