Monday, July 29, 2013

Project Postcard

I mentioned yesterday, the Woodson Art Museum's Project Postcard, which coincides with the opening weekend festivities of this year's edition of their flagship exhibition, Birds in Art.
The following link will take you to the museum's Facebook page with an array of images of the 2011 offerings. That year they raised enough funds to purchase, I believe it was, 4 works to add to their collection as a result of selling all of the offered 'post cards'. A quick tour through the images shown of the miniature gems that were offered that year will give you a good indication of the superb quality of the original works donated by the artists who were part of the exhibition that year, yours truly included. Last year's event brought in even more little gems and the museum was, once again, able to add several fine works to the permanent collection thanks to the generosity of patrons and attending artists alike. 
I can only imagine the wonderful works that will be offered again this September, including two or three from yours truly once again.

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Laurene said...

It sounds like a great opportunity to own an original piece of art from a favourite artist.