Monday, June 24, 2013

Slow going today as I blend and meld together H, 6H, 8H and 9H to achieve the tonality in the column and other parts of the drawing. It's a matter of hatching and circling and softly going back and forth with one and then the other to achieve a soft, relatively smooth looking surface with the slight nuances of shadow and reflected light that I want to 'shine' in the finished drawing. Will I get there . . . hmm, stay tuned.
I've been wanting to do this piece for over three years and finally pulled out the reference and dug out the original sketch idea I did way back when . . . modified it slightly . . . found a frame to suit (I HAVE to force myself to do that these days to try and use up a tremendous inventory of frames in the basement) and decided that this summer was the time to get to it.

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