Sunday, June 02, 2013

Happy Sunday Discovery

A 'discovery' this morning while loafing on the Internet . . . 19th Century French Barbizon School artist, Antoine Chintreuil. A wonderful landscape painter from the later half of the 19th Century and an artist with whom I have not previously been acquainted. He was one of the cadre of Barbizon School artists, like Theodore Rousseau, Camile Corot and Jules Dupre who were some of the forerunners of the Impressionist movement that was yet to come. His landscapes are stunning, I think, reminding me of many of his fellow time-frame painters and very evocative of what was happening in the French art scene of the mid century; beautiful compositions, soft yet vibrant palette, remarking on every day life, and a plein air feeling of light and shadow. Further exploration of this wonderful painter is certainly warranted and on my list of things to do. 

(I am especially fond of the central painting in the above montage, his 'Path Through Apple Trees' . . . just stunning)

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