Thursday, April 04, 2013

I am very much at work on the first of the last two new pieces being done for my fall retrospective during the opening of this year's Birds in Art exhibition and being honored as this year's Master Wildlife Artist. I've posted several of the other pieces that will be shipped out later this summer over the last few weeks but I have decided that these last two works are going to remain incognito for the next six months till the opening in September. One must have surprise in life to keep things . . . well, surprising! So, if you will wish to see these last two works, and they are going to be humdingers!, you will have to plan a trip to Wausau in early September to be . . . surprised.

Once these are done, framed and stored away for the next few months, I shall return to posting new pieces as they come off the board. In the meantime, I might post something else of interest so check back here over the next few weeks and be . . . surprised!

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