Monday, April 08, 2013

Discovered on Facebook this morning, here is a wonderful story from Africa Geographic magazine's blog page about an elephant rescue that took place back in February. What a heartwarming effort and imagine the implied bond that may have occurred between animal and human during the entire effort. This is the sort of connection between elephant and human that makes more sense to me than lopping off its tusks so that someone can carve them up.

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Sue Clinker said...

It is sickening isn't it.

Here in the UK two local zoos are appealing for volunteers to provide 24 hour security to protect their rhinos following a tip off that poachers will be targetting them. The rhinos are kept in a 'safari style' environment and some captive bred rhinos are returned to the wild.

Apparently ivory now fetches £50,000 per kilo and thieves have even stolen tusks from museums in Europe.