Wednesday, March 06, 2013

While wondering where the snow was that was predicted for this area today, and after my second cup of tea late this morning, I sat down to work. The first image below shows what things looked like after an hour and a quarter. Spent most of that work time in the lower left corner, noodling and such, making more rocks. Most popular pencils during that period of work . . . 2H (the Trusty!), 3H, 6H and F. I also went back into areas completed yesterday afternoon and sharpened up separations again, added a touch here and there of B and 2B (very minimal and the softest, 'darkest' lead used on this piece) to add more contrast, and once again ran a blunted tip 6H across many of the areas worked on yesterday to push things back, soften curves and generally knock back the 'white' tones.

After a break for a late lunch, continuing to wonder where the predicted snow was for today and watching the intermittent rain outside the studio window, I went back to work. The shot above was taken after another hour and a half of work, finishing up the foreground rocks; finishing up for today that is, as I will take a look again in the morning and see what areas will need some extra touches before moving on to the water and mergansers. I expect this one to be completed either tomorrow or with an hour or so of additional clean up work on Friday morning. I am anxious to get on to the next work on my list, another piece that will be part of the work to go to the Woodson Art Museum this fall representing my Master's exhibition.

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Kathryn Hansen said...'ve done an incredible job on the rocks!!