Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Today I've begun bringing in the 'big guns', B and 2B to start really making things move. This first shot, below, is after about an hour and a half earlier this afternoon. I picked up from yesterday and continued to work in the lower right/foreground area. As I did when this all began a couple days ago, I first laid in a 'ground tone' of 8H or 9H and began to over lay 3H and 2H to develop the rock texture. Once I played around with that a bit, I picked up my B with a rather sharp point and went back in and began to pick out sharp separations between strong light areas and deep shadow, that I had already worked yesterday and the day before, to finalize and define those lines emphasizing and sharpening the contrasts.

In this image above, which was shot after another two hours of work, I have almost completed the lower right area and begun to move across to the remaining foreground rocks on the left. I ran a blunt tipped 9H across much of the rock surfaces done already to soften them, blend and knock back the sharp white of the Bristol showing through my noodling, softening the overall feel of those rocks. I also put a final layer of 2H over the dark 'blob' in the upper left, ran some streaks of F and HB over it to indicate some dimension and subtle depth and that area is done. Picking up my 2B for the first time, I strengthened the shadowy areas in the lower right to bring that whole area forward. I will let it sit overnight and get back to work in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing as always! Love seeing how you achieve what you do in thought, tools and pics=encouraging & inspiring, thank you!