Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm posting several new works that have come off the drawing board over the last few weeks and will be headed out shortly to gallery events. These three were all done with the same basic idea in mind, to come up with an interesting composition using a strong vertical movement. They are all about the same size, roughly close to a 2 to 1 ratio, either dead on or slightly taller. Using a strong vertical line of some sort and letting the other elements of the composition sneak in where they might, I hope I've come up with some interesting and appealing small works that will draw the viewer into them.

After the exciting news of Valentine's Day, I spent most of the last four days digging through files of reference material, setting aside selected photos and sketchy notations that might be developed into all the work that I need to accomplish over the next six months for my mini retrospective during the opening of Birds in Art in early September. I've also dug out ideas that have been stored away in drawers and folders for many years for works that I thought, one day when time allowed and there were no other pressing constraints upon my studio time, I could put into my schedule. Revisiting some of those ideas has sparked renewed interest in the original intentions and I've modified some to expand upon the original idea to suit a possible inclusion of bird subjects. I am enjoying the consideration of just how I am going to come up with a varied set of ideas so I don't necessarily duplicate themes and knowing that my thought process in composing has changed over the years, some of those older ideas are taking on new life. 

I'm deciding if I want to show some of these works in-progress here as they come up on the drawing board over the next few months, or to hold back and not allow them to be seen until the hanging of all during the exhibition in the fall. Something to mull over as I continue to sketch out the ideas that seem to be bursting from my head right now.


Katherine Thomas said...

These are especially striking in a grouping like you have here! I hope you hang the side by side like that in the exhibition. They're great!

Kathryn Hansen said...

The images are pretty small here on your blog, so hard to see, but would love to see them in person! The owl piece is especially gorgeous!!!