Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In between rain drops today, was able to get this outside to photograph it. It is not signed as yet, will sleep on it overnight and take a look in the morning, but I feel pretty confident that it is done! Image size is 9" x 18" and it will most likely be going to my Annapolis gallery, McBride Gallery, for the March show, 'Looking Back - Memories'.


Ryan D. Jacque said...

iconver20709You've done so much amazing work for so long, that I couldn't decide which of your pieces I liked best. They bring so much more than what we can see in a photo, and more impressive. This piece is not as extreme as some of your bigger or more involved work, but it definitely my favorite piece you've done. Some viewers will look and see only a train, some will only see the sparrows.. I only see a masters work

Terry Miller said...

Hey Ry,
You make me blush! Thanks, Ry.