Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frits Thaulow - Norwegian of Note

 Before work begins later, I wanted to offer a little aside on a 'discovery' I made this morning prompted by a posting on Facebook about an artist whom I had no previous knowledge of, late 19th Century Norwegian, Frits Thaulow. This man knew how to paint water! 

Even though I am not a painter, I often derive much from the study of paintings and painters; many of my best artist friends are painters and I relish spending time in their studios, talking 'shop' or critiquing each others' works or just digging into all facets of art talk. Spending time in museums and seeing special exhibitions also add much to my thought processes when composing my own works and formulating ideas about design and structure in sketching out new ideas. Leaving myself open to any and all outside influences makes me a better artist I think and often, as it did this morning, opens my eyes to things that I never would have considered. 

After seeing the posting of one single image of Thaulow's work on Facebook, I was eager to see more and after doing a Google search, discovered, to my joy, an entire 'world' of water in this man's brilliant work. Born in 1847, he lived to 1906 and his life spanned a very interesting period in art for sure. He painted much while living in Norway but spent the last decade and a half of his life in France where he was no doubt continued to be influenced by the late Impressionist period, though it is obvious that even while still painting in Norway, his style was very commensurate with that of the likes of Monet and Surat in France. When I looked carefully at his brush work (several details of which are spotlighted at the bottom of this posting, so click on them to open a larger version) I saw a great resemblance to that of Monet for certain; the rather quick stabs of color and noodly brush work, the bold contrasts of color swirls which assembled themselves into a wonderful feeling of depth and translucence.

I've gathered together here just a smidgeon of his greater body of images available on line, so do your own search to see what treasures lay in store for the looking. Click on the framed image below to see a larger version of this collage of some of my favorites of Thaulow's. I have further reading and exploration to do, for sure,  on this new found addition to my list of favorite artists.


Kelly Singleton said...

Terry - Thanks for sharing these images. I happened to see the post too on Facebook about Frits and was equally captivated by that one image. His treatment of water is amazing! I will be looking into his work as well :)

Michael Brugh said...

Count me in; I'm going to investigate Frits Thaulow's artwork. Water is indeed a tough subject to master, requiring many, many hours spent observing it, in all kinds of light, weather, and seasons.

Thanks for introducing us to him, Terry.

DasPasKunst said...

Hello Terry,

We discovered this phenomenal artist
by accident as there was a small watercolour put up for auction here in the Netherlands. As you may know Mr. Thaulow died in Volendam (The Netherlands)in 1906 where he probably stayed in hotel Spaander as the text on this watercolour attests. Furthermore his approach became more and more impressionistic in his later years.
How did he died. Maybe in the hotel
that still holds a vast collection of all the painters that lived and worked in Volendam and surroundings. Feel free to mail me at acakoevoets@kpnmail.nl
He was great!!