Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here are my runners after the weekend's bit of work. Lousy photo, the back horse is a bit washed out from the lamps but you get the idea, I'm sure. Close to finishing up on this one as I am up against a deadline that just hit and have another horse work to get done this coming week, actually, before the end of this coming week if possible. Midnight oil burning yet to come?


felicitydeverell said...

Stunning! just found your work looking up graphite artists trying to find out what they use for large paper/drawing surface. Do you use special quality paper or do you draw on board of some kind?

Hope you don't mind me asking. Must go look at more of your work, it's so inspiring.

Terry Miller said...

Hello Felicity,
I work on Bristol Board, either 3 ply or 4 depending upon the size of the drawing. The board I use is the slightly textured surface, as they make both smooth and textured finish. I like the little bit of 'tooth'. If you dig around in the archives here, you will find many postings about the board and its texture and how I use it.
Thanks for looking in.

felicitydeverell said...

Thank you, I think I'll have to look into getting some for drawing. A2 paper is rather unmanageable!

The finished horses are amazing. Love your composition.