Thursday, July 05, 2012

Project Postcard

No, this is not some nightmarish vision of one of my recent works; no, this is not the result of spilled tea on the drawing board; no, this is not the result of what might come off the drawing board while I'm on muscle relaxers!

This is the first of a couple of special works that will be my contribution to this year's 'Project Postcard' for the Woodson Art Museum which will coincide with the opening weekend festivities of Birds in Art in September. This 'project' began two years ago as a way for the museum to raise funds to be able to purchase works for their permanent collection, selections being made from works included in that year's Birds in Art exhibition.

Over the last two years I believe the museum has been able to purchase seven or eight works for the collection through this unique idea.

Artists who are included in the year's exhibition are asked to donate a small, hand done work or two in a 4" x 6" format which are made available for purchase during the opening weekend events. During the first year I believe the museum received 90 small works and last year quite a bit more. Through the graciousness of the exhibiting artists, those attending the opening weekend gala on Friday evening have the opportunity to view the selections and rapidly make a purchase at a very nominal cash price. This year, the set price is $50 which will enable one to own a wonderful, small original work of art by some of the world's most respected artists and in so doing, will also go a long way to enabling the museum to add outstanding original works to their collection as well.

I will be sending in several works, this one having been distorted so as to keep its subject concealed and a surprise as no signatures are to appear on the face of the work so each viewer has no idea what artist has done a particular work till it is purchased and then they can turn it over and find the artist's signature on the back. It's a wonderful idea and I am quite pleased to be able to contribute to the fun and excitement of the opening events for this much anticipated annual, world respected exhibition.

So, if your plans can find you in Wausau, Wisconsin on Friday evening, September 7, you can have the opportunity to not only see some incredible art during the opening of Birds in Art, but to possibly be able to purchase and own a small, very special original work, done especially for this event, for your very own!

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