Monday, June 04, 2012

Today's bit of work. One might wonder why it is that I apparently started this work on the right side of the composition thus making it so that I would be working across areas that I have already worked on. Well, since the dominance of the composition is clustered to the right of the vertical center line, I wanted to make certain that light and shadow read correctly and that the various intensities of the darker areas moved things forward and back, giving depth and separation to the cluster of the four riders before setting out to move across to the left background as well as the lead rider. Might seem strange to be putting down large areas of graphite over which I will be continuously working as the piece progresses, but it works for me! And there are intermittent light sprays of fix to help to protect the already worked on areas from smearing as well as my trusty little scrap of Bristol which always acts as a protector under my drawing hand.

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Linda Besse said...

This is going to be stunning. I love it already. Thanks for explaining starting on the right side. I was wondering if you decided to do this piece left-handed.