Friday, June 01, 2012

Sometimes, I even surprise myself!
 For someone who, as little as a couple years ago, maintained that he was not the least bit interested in including the human form in his compositional ideas and finished drawings, I've found it very interesting just how many of my recent works have begun to find people creeping into them. When the muse beckons, you have to follow the crooked finger. It is all about growing as an artist, exploring new territory and inspiration, testing and challenging oneself and in the vernacular of the 'techy' world, stepping out of the box sometimes. I suppose I've found myself more open to going down new paths than I would have been four, five or six years ago and that is a 'good thing'. There was a time when I thought I would draw nothing but elephants and lions working from the African inspiration that was so much in the forefront of my mind after seven trips to the continent. Then, I moved to semi-rural Maryland and found cows and sheep and barns to have moved to the top of my motivational inspirations for new works. Life opens doors, life closes doors . . . it's always a treat to find whatever lays beyond the turning of the knob!


Kathryn Hansen said...

some artists are very stagnant with their subject matter...i would get so bored myself. your art, to me has always been very diverse!

Debra Keirce said...

Change is the instrument of growth, I believe..... I like your humans.