Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty much finished up last night, but with a few final touches added this morning, this work has been brought to its conclusion. 'Rhinestone Cowgirl', measuring 7" x 21" and drawn on 3 ply Bristol Board, is the first of several new works that will be going to Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona later in April. I am very pleased to announce my connection with this well known, well respected gallery in beautiful Sedona and excited to have my work hang alongside that of other highly acclaimed, nationally recognized artists. Having this new venue to show my work has enabled me to look into some reference material that I have not felt comfortable delving into for my east coast galleries and I expect some new inspiration to be coming to the forefront over the next few weeks and months as I develop works for this new southwestern location for my work.

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Laurene said...

What an interesting composition, Terry! The horses' heads focus us so strongly right on the center of the composition, yet they also help us explore the whole drawing. Does that reflect your thinking when you were designing this?