Monday, November 14, 2011

Last week, before heading over to the eastern shore of Maryland and this year's edition of the Waterfowl Festival, some out of town artist friends and I spent a warm fall day wandering around Washington DC. We Metro'd downtown and started at the beautiful Library of Congress. I had been in the building maybe forty years ago but had forgotten just how beautiful the interior spaces were. Next, we headed underground to the recently completed National Capital Visitor Center with yet more interesting interior spaces, including a spectacular underground view of the Capital dome. As we headed out of town later in the afternoon, we walked the grounds of Capital Hill and passed the Supreme Court building catching the glow of late afternoon fall warmth.

Another Festival has come and gone and I enjoyed catching up with artist friends and speaking with interested visitors all weekend long. Now, it is time to regroup, consider new ideas and inspiration and flesh out ideas that have been floating around for some time for new works. With my wanderings around DC last week, I have no doubt that some of what caught my eye that day will inspire some interesting possibilities in the near future.

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