Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern: a state of inaction with no progress and no change; the state of being inactive.

I guess I've been in a sort of holding pattern this past week since returning from the Waterfowl Festival late last Sunday evening. I've not sat at the drawing board except to do a bit of clean up and to wash down the surface of my table; it tends to get a bit grimy with graphite dust puddling here and there and especially at the points where I tend to lay pencils down.

With the recent push to complete new works for the show over the last couple of months, I've just taken some time this week to relax, refresh, rethink and realize that sometimes a few days of R&R are needed to get the old brain into a new frame of mind.

With the coming of Thanksgiving and the rapid-fire thrust of the Christmas season already upon us through massive retailing efforts and Christmas carols already being heard in stores, it plays up the fast approach of the close of yet another year. I can't say I will be sad to see it go as this one has been a rough one for many. Times are tough, and many of us who fleck little pieces of our inner being off each time we complete a creative work, have struggled to find new homes for those works; works whose ideas and images act as the culmination of inspirations that represent our very souls and how we see the world around us. Kind words of appreciation for what we do, though, continue to be heard and we rejoice in the realization that by brushing paint on canvas or putting pencil point to paper or molding clay into beautiful dimensions, we can elicit such emotional responses in others.

As the days have passed by this week, watching the leaves continue to fall outside my window, feeling the ever increasing approach of winter as the days grow cooler and the sky fills with the unique forms of fall clouds, I have begun to think about my work, to think about what inspires me as an artist, to think about what might be ahead and how allowing myself to be open to new possibilities lurking just around the next corner might surprise and enliven my creative soul.

There are ideas floating around in my head that will need time to gel, time to be visualized as a whole and not just bits and pieces mingling, now, in amoebic form. One thing is certain though, I foresee some new directions in what will come off my drawing board over the next weeks and months. No major shift, but a slow progression of fresh ideas to keep the old creative juices flowing at their strongest. What is an artist if not someone who does not constantly endeavor to push limits, open new doors, test the waters of the untried?

I know that by being in this current holding pattern and taking advantage of this temporary period of inaction, as time passes and formative ideas continue to consolidate, progress and change will again come to the fore and sitting down to the drawing board will, as it always has, let the muse of creativity take over.


Robbie said...

Downtime is good for every artist! Enjoy the holidays...look forward to seeing your creativity coming alive again!

wildlife creations in pencil said...

Love your art! Looks better than a photograph! I do wildlife in graphite too and recently created a blog of my work. Thanks for sharing!