Saturday, August 27, 2011

As we in the Washington DC metro area await the full force of hurricane Irene, I was cleaning up the area around my drawing board a little while ago and came across this invitation to the opening weekend of Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum in just a couple of weeks time. The invitation had been sitting on the drawing board for the last week or ten days and I had not really taken full note of it when it arrived in the mail, just a quick glance and review since I am going to be there for the opening weekend as one of this year's included artists. In any event, as I picked up the invitation and it unfolded open, I caught sight of something that looked a bit familiar. Ah ha, there was a detail image of my included work, Intimate Circles, just below the square cut out on the top fold of the invitation. I guess I had not noticed it when I first opened it up two weeks ago. What a very pleasant surprise! I'm not only honored to be included in the exhibition again, but more so that my image was used on the invitation along with several of this year's named Master Artist, friend Jim Coe. I can't wait to see all the selected works in person during the opening festivities and will have, no doubt, more to say on all that after my return.

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Jim Bortz said...

That's very cool! Seeing your doves in the invitation interior made me smile when I opened mine. Congratulations.