Friday, August 12, 2011

As noted yesterday, today was the day for Quarter Horses at the Howard County Fair. A great morning with these beautiful animals and even better, more wonderful new resource material for future drawings. Years ago, someone said I must be the 'elephant man' as it seemed every other drawing off my board was of elephants. Well, they were and still are some of my favorite subjects to work with. But, since I have not been back to Africa in ten years, almost eleven now, and since I have been exposed to so many new and inspiring subjects during those years, perhaps my new moniker will be the 'horse man'? I am beginning to really enjoy having these animals show up on the drawing board more and more often now. And, when you have access to such wonderful reference material . . . well who can resist?

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Robbie said...

No, you can't resist this majestic animals!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I sold my last horse (quarter of course!) in '89 due to new marriage and two ruptured discs (removed). Again, thanks for the post!