Wednesday, August 03, 2011

'The American Lighthouse', hanging through September 18th, has opened at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport on the Connecticut coast. It's a wonderful group of artworks depicting this most iconic symbol of maritime travel and I am pleased to have a work of mine included. Click the link and take a look at some fine work. When this show closes in mid September, the gallery will be rehanging for the end of month opening of this year's edition of the Maritime International, the annual jury competition in which I shall also have a work included. So, here are two outstanding exhibitions of some of the finest of maritime art available for your viewing over the next three or four months. The Seaport museum is well worth a visit from any distance!


Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

I love that your vision is unique. Most of the lighthouse paintings, wonderful as they are, say "ho-hum" to me. Yours makes me sit up and pay attention. Bravo!

Kendra said...

Thank you for sharing the link and congratulations on your pencil drawing of Pemaquid included in the exhibition. I have visited the gallery in the past and agree that they host some fine exhibits and it is a wonderful space. The seaport is lots of fun also.