Monday, June 27, 2011

This new work, done on 4 ply kid finish Bristol Board, was completed yesterday afternoon. The image size on this one is 10" x 20" and as I mentioned before, a rather large work for me. It is another work that will now be put aside for a forthcoming special fall show at the end of September, an invitational event that I will be doing for the first time and so want my works to make a good impression. Including the human form in several of these works, like the recently completed The Line Up posted a couple weeks ago, has been a challenge for me as I have not done people to a great extent till just recently. I am beginning to feel a bit more comfortable about incorporating people into my compositional ideas, especially with such a lot of fine reference material from my day at the Virginia Gold Cup Races back in early May. If someone had told me a year or more ago that I would be inspired to, occasionally, bring people into my work I would have responded as I have always responded by saying, hardly! That is one of the things about being an artist that not only surprises but keeps the spirit alive; discovering the unexpected inspiration. As I have talked about times before, prior to my move to semi-rural Maryland ten years ago, the thought of doing a work with cows or barns or sheep as subjects never entered my mind. Being exposed to such images and views and available field study on a daily basis after my arrival in Maryland, certainly opened up an entirely new avenue of inspiration to me. I am thankful for that as the challenge of these new possibilities of subject matter have certainly made an impression on me and have led me down some very interesting and gratifying paths as an artist in the last decade. Who knows what is around that next corner?


Linda Besse said...

What a wonderful piece. I am surprised that people aren't as familiar a subject to you as animals (thinking maybe I just haven't seen the people work you have done.) Your "people pieces" are rendered so naturally. There is nothing forced about them. Both this piece and the men with the plow are particularly striking and have wonderful innate movement. WOW.

daneastside said...

Hi Terry,
I added myself to follow your blog.

And always remember... Smiles don't have to be saved for a rainy day. It's good to waste them.

Shelley Whiting said...

Wow I am impressed. The work is very realistic and well done. Beautiful stuff.