Saturday, March 05, 2011

Two weeks from tomorrow, on Sunday, March 20, McBride Gallery will hold a reception for the opening of a very special new show, Each One Invites One.
I am quite pleased to be one of the five gallery artists to have their work spotlighted and most happy to have the opportunity to introduce the glorious pastel work of my friend, Cindy House,
to a new audience. During the reception, there will be a short discussion about each of the special invited guest artists and what about their work inspired each of the five gallery artists to invite them to participate. I could speak volumes about Cindy's work, but will have to pare down to the highlights of what it is about her work that has always captivated me from the first time I saw her subtle, brilliant landscapes at some long distant Birds in Art opening.
If you are near Annapolis and can come into town on the 20th, you will be treated to some incredible art work and have a chance to meet five guest artists whose works not only are respected by their fellows, but will also offer inspiration to all who view them for the first time.

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