Saturday, March 19, 2011

The online magazine, Wildlife Art Journal, has authored a timely article regarding the proposed paved, high-speed highway that would cut through the northern reaches of the vast and spectacular Serengeti Plains ecosystem in northern Tanzania. I have talked about this situation before and my personal feelings about how disastrous this proposal could be for the last great migratory spectacle on this planet. A number of artists were asked to submit works that embodied our personal views on this and I am pleased to be one of a dozen or so, whose works are represented in the article. Take a look and read the article and think about the prospects of such an undertaking as the proposed roadway and what effect it would have on the tens of thousands of animals that depend upon unhindered movement around and through this fabulous place on their yearly migration in search of green pastures. If you feel as strongly as I and the other artists represented do, find some way to engage in the discussion and add your support to a worldwide effort to keep this possibly devastating roadway from being built. There are alternatives far less invasive that would result in less impact on the wildlife of the Serengeti and still offer the touted benefits that an alternate routing of the roadway would bring to the people of the interior of western Tanzania.

On another note, tomorrow is the opening reception for Each One Invites One at McBride Gallery in Annapolis. I am pleased to be one of five gallery artists whose works will be spotlighted in this interesting show idea in which we five were each asked to invite one artist whose work we respect and admire to be a guest for this show. My invited artist is friend and fabulous pastel artist, Cindy House. At 2PM tomorrow afternoon, I and the other gallery artists will each introduce our invitees by speaking about their work and why we admire it. Stop into the gallery between 1 and 4 tomorrow and see some unique artwork.

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