Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As anticipated, this one finished up about ten minutes ago. Image size on this one is 13" x 9". I've had a few inquiries this week as I have worked on this piece as to who this lady is? Well, in reality, I have no idea. As you will see in the photo below, this work is based upon reference material gathered at New York City's famous Woodlawn Cemetery.

A day trip north to the City several years ago in search of material for the series of works I did with bridges as the theme for my solo exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum in the summer of 2008 gave me the opportunity to spend some time at Woodlawn marveling at some of the beautiful, intricate and inspiring large scale mausoleums and memorials. This particular one was quite appealing with beautifully carved stone statues on each of the several sides of the structure. I am not sure what significance each had nor what they might have represented in a way of remembrance, but they caught my eye at the time and I knew they would make excellent reference for a drawing or two. I have no doubt that I will dig into this material in the future and see what interesting compositional idea I can come up with yet again.

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