Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another work based on material gathered on the recent Florida journey, completed about a half hour ago. This one's image size is 5 1/4" x 7" and is a study in subtlety. It will be going to the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport Museum on the Connecticut coast for their upcoming spring show, Modern Marine Masters.


FinallyFast said...

This is really amazing. Did you draw it from pictures you took on your Florida trip?

Sadami said...

Dear Terry,
Wow...another master piece, but for you, a study?! Great!!
Cheers, Sadami

Anonymous said...

Hello Terry, I am jamespoi. I would like to say that I recently became one of your followers because I am very inpressed with your art. Also I was wondering have you ever given thought to drawing standard old english game fowl. I believe with there stature and your art skills together it would be very beautiful art.

Fran A.H. Alvarado said...

Hi, Terry. Great study of a Great Heron.

As a Wildlife Art Master, could you kindly give me your opinion about this question? Do you think a work created from direct observation in the animal´s natural environment is better than a work created from a picture taken by the author of the work himself?

I belong to the Spanish Association of Artists for Nature, which tries to promote Wildlife Art in our country, where this artistic style is a little bit undervalued. This question has sometimes come up in discussions…and I think that Photography techniques shouldn´t be underestimated as a means to get good works of art.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes

Email: falvarado75@gmail.com
Blog: www.mirandolanaturaleza.blogspot.com

Terry Miller said...

Hey Fran,
I will endeavor to answer your question with a direct email to you later today.

Angela Maria Russo said...

congratulations, your works are very beautiful

gretings from Italy

Anonymous said...

Superbly fine detail...an especially good piece and no wonder the Museum has accepted it for a show.