Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Faces

You may or may not have noticed some recent additions to my 'links' list to the right. I've added links to the blog pages of several artist friends whose work I respect, admire and appreciate to no end. First, V . . . Vaughan, a Texas friend who does the most wonderful paintings. I own several in my personal collection and never tire of looking at them. She not only shows new works on her blog, but quite often discusses her style, technique and reasons for doing what she does. Next up is a new friend, Julie Bender from Georgia. Her work is hard to describe, but suffice it to say she has 'fire' in her soul! She does the most wonderful works by burning wood. Yep, she is a pyrographer and her works just set me on fire! And finally, but certainly not least . . . Pennsylvania friend, Jim Bortz. His paintings evoke so much emotion in me and his writings on his blog also inspire and often cause me to ponder. I have yet to add works by either Julie or Jim to my personal collection but I have no doubt that day will come soon. Take a look at their blogs and go over to their web sites as well and just drool! Enjoy!


Jim Bortz said...

Thanks for the plug, Terry. I truly appreciate all your help over the last couple of years.

Ju Biju said...

Please acess my blog!

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wildlifeart said...

Great links Terry,

thanks for putting them up :)


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