Thursday, January 06, 2011

First work off the drawing board for the new year. A small work to start off, it generally takes me a bit to get back into the swing of things after I have taken a break from the studio, this one chimes in at just over 3" x 5". Perhaps something a little larger for the next work?


Sadami said...

Dear Terry,
Cheers, Sadami

Mindful Drawing said...

'Mom, that is a painting, right uh?', my daughter asked.
What a drawing. We are impressed.
Mom Paula & daughter

RLT Art said...

such an impressive piece.
It really is beautiful

Gaurab Sinha said...

Good work, Terry

American Maven Lady said...

Absolutely beautiful!

The Hairy Cow said...

I just stumbled on this blog (from blogs of note-Dec 2010). I've looked at your penguins and sheep - and love them both! Beautiful!