Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What can be the best of all possible ways to enjoy the days following a wonderful art opening? You may well ask. Not, I would contend, the way that I have been 'enjoying' the last five days, flat on my back most of the time, in bed with a flu-like thing. Arrgh!

Well, all 'good things' have to end and so this too is finally ending. Sitting here in my PJs and robe, still feeling like I was hit in the head with a baseball bat, I have managed to sit to the computer today and catch up on email and such, go through the last four days of snail mail (more on that below) but . . . won't be setting foot in the studio for at least another day or two. I just can't keep my head straight, yet. So, the current work on the board, with little more than an hour or two of work left on it, will languish a bit longer, but not too much as heavy deadlines are afoot. It is, after all, the last week of September and I have things to do, places to go, people to see . . . well, things to do at the very least!

And now to that snail mail . . . notice arrived in one of the last few deliveries that my work, Puttin' On the Ritz, included in this year's Birds in Art, will be going on a year long tour along with 59 other works from the 118 piece inaugural show at the Woodson Art Museum. I am thrilled, needless to say, that in all but two of the 19 years that I have been involved in this marvelous exhibition, my works have been selected for the tour.

When the hanging at the Woodson ends on November 14th, the works for the tour will be packed up and shipped off to Port Arthur, Texas and a January 16 - March 13, 2011 hanging at the Museum of the Gulf Coast. Lucky Texas! Next stop on the tour will be Hastings-on-Hudson at the Newington Cropsey Foundation from April 4 through June 9 of next year, followed by a journey northeastward to the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor, Maine for a July 1 - October 9 hanging. The final destination for the four venue tour will be the Michelson Museum of Art, another Texas venue in Marshall, from October 29th through January 8 of 2012. Long tour, but to some very fine venues and available to a huge number of new eyes. If you are close to any of these locations, mark your calendar to make certain you are able to take in some wonderful art.

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