Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In and out of the studio yesterday, but here is what was accomplished -

The yellow tracing paper covers that portion of the piece not yet worked on and protects it from smears or dirt.


The Woodson Art Museum posted some great shots from the opening weekend of Birds in Art on their web site and I wanted to tag a couple here. First, the 63 exhibiting artists of the 118 included in this year's exhibition, who were able to attend the opening weekend. Can you spot me?

Next are a couple of shots of just some of the 90 plus postcards donated by exhibiting artists for the museum's 2010 Post Card Project which raised funds for museum purchases for addition to the permanent collection. As I noted in an earlier posting here, the museum had asked for artists to do these little 4 x 6 sized works to offer at $25 a pop. Many of us sent in two or more of these and it was gratifying to find that all sold! I even managed to get one before they were all grabbed up. It is one of the little works shown in this first image. And, I'll just add that both of my small works are also shown in this first image. Can you spot them?

Some mighty fine little gems here!


sue said...

Well you had me fooled, from the last post I thought the figure in the background was going to be human (not equine) ... its looking good!

and .... if I can guess (without causing offence if I'm wrong) I'd say you're middle row 4th from left - wearing the dark/light blue striped shirt. But I'm guessing, based on your profile photo :o)

Anna Schoolderman said...

Are you back row second from right?

Terry Miller said...

Hey Anna, you win, back row, second from right is correct.

Anna Schoolderman said...

Ha you made it difficult by hiding under that hat! Really enjoy your work btw.