Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the thirteenth! Where is August going? Actually, it's not going fast enough for me and it's welcome to take its humidity and heat and lousy thunder storms and git.

Have spent a delightful afternoon digging through reference material once again. I think I have been sufficiently reacquainted with my African travels with the last two works and think there will be more on that subject to come in the next weeks. It feels good to have a bit of African inspiration once again as it has been quite some time since I have really revisited memories and experiences from that fantastic continent.

So, this is what is currently sitting on my drawing board . . . a guess as to what might be showing up in the near future? I can not imagine what I might have come home with if I had digital technology with me on the last couple of trips. Alas, I don't think digital cameras were even around except for the very last trip almost ten years ago now. Well, I've got plenty of prints and slides to dig through yet, so off for another glass of iced tea and another hour or two of digging around in the files.

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