Monday, June 21, 2010

Well as happens sometimes, deadlines, especially the self-imposed kind, can come and go and be missed. Such is the case for wanting to have this current work done today. Just did not get to as much studio time as I had hoped this weekend, so this one will just continue on past today. No problem though, as the self-imposed deadline was to enable me to take advantage of my artist friend, Paula's, gracious offer to hand deliver our works to the Ris Gallery this week. I will just get this one done later this week and ship it out. No point in rushing and goofing things up, especially with all that detail and noodly stuff going on in the foreground. It will get done! Will post today's efforts later this afternoon.

(Posting at 5:15 this afternoon) Pebbles! I see pebbles! I am also seeing a light at the end of this tunnel, though with a house guest this week, it might be a few more days. Nevertheless, this one will be finished and shipped off for next month's opening on July 3 in plenty of time.

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Kristy said...

It is certainly looking good Terry. I am glad you are taking the time it takes =]