Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's hard to believe, as I opened up this page this morning, that I am now over a month into my sixth year of posting to this blog! Some 1850 plus days after the very first post back in May of 2005, and I find myself wondering this morning just what have I been chattering away about all these years?

It is always gratifying to me to find a comment or two on a day's post and I think, for those of us who do this sort of thing, it acts as a reward and a positive reinforcement for saying what is on our minds and discussing things that seem important to us. I am especially pleased that so many fellow artists from all across the globe have 'tuned in' on occasion or 'follow' my ramblings as that says to me that maybe the things that I have to say about art, mine or others, or whatever particularly strikes me on any given day, have some merit or value.

Perhaps by posting in progress shots of works on the drawing board, I have given some insight into the ways I work and my thought process as I develop an idea or composition. I know many other artists do this and think it a good way of encouraging young artists or those seeking to find their own voice, to explore their own ideas in the context of what they might find of value in the methods of others. We do tend to learn by exploring and building upon what has come before.

I also enjoy when someone asks a specific question about how I have done something, why I have done it or for an explanation of the steps taken to get to some end point. It has really never occurred to me that I should be concerned about 'giving away' my secrets or divulging too much about my process. Often, I have done this very thing for a collector who wishes to understand more fully, my particular approach to working or to be able to apply a similar, more general appreciation to the work and methods of other artists. In the end, that sort of understanding and knowledge benefits both artist and collector alike.

In honor of the commencement of a sixth year of 'chattering away', I thought it apropos to give the page a bit of a face lift. I hope what follows here, day after day, month after month and so on and so forth, will continue to be of interest to others.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on staying at it for so long. It's good that you share your experience and knowledge with others because it all comes back around.

I hope the next year is a good one for you!

Kristy said...

Your blog is one of my favs, I really enjoy visiting. You create great work and I hope you keep creating and blogging it for a very long time to come!

BTW I really like the face lift, looks great