Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Following on the theme of yesterday's posting, I wanted to speak briefly today, before studio time gets underway, about a wonderful book I read oh so many years ago. 'Serengeti Shall Not Die', written by Bernhard Grzimek and his son, Michael, was one of the first books I read back in the late 1960s about Africa. Long before I made the decision to save my pennies and travel to that far off continent for the first time, I read everything I could get my hands on in the local library about Africa.

The book, published in its first edition in 1959, dealt with the Grzimek's time spent in the Serengeti and their efforts to make certain that the area would remain a pristine enclave for the millions of animals living within its ecosystem. It is a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who has either been to Africa or plans to go or would just want to have a better understanding of what importance that land has to those that depend upon its protected status.

As I consider the current situation with the possibility of this new roadway as a threat to the ecosystem of the Serengeti, and recalling the great efforts on the part of the Grzimeks back in the middle of the last century, it amazes me to think that fifty years after their battles, research and sweat, and Michael's tragic death, their efforts might be negated for the sake of political and commercial gain. Must we always be fighting and refighting these sorts of battles?

And before today's studio work begins, here is the current work as it stands this morning . . .

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