Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just a reminder today that this little work up for bid on ebay closes tomorrow evening. If you would like to place a bid on it, there is a link in Wednesday's posting below.

As I settle in to work in the studio today, I wanted to add this little bit of information. I have noticed recently and over the last six or seven months on many of the blog pages of other artists that I frequently look in on, that some of them have been posting notations about the music they have been listening to while they work. Long time readers of this blog will recall that from time to time in the past, I have referred to composers who I listen to frequently or specific pieces of music that often tend to inspire me as I work. Well, I thought it would be fun to post the music that I have just installed on my five disc player that will act as my accompaniment over the next several hours as I get going at the drawing board today. So, here is this afternoon's line up -
A nice selection of the orchestral versions of Ernesto Lecuona's delightful latin flavored works including Danzas Afro-cubanos from a disc called Lecuona Sinfonica; a nice assemblage of more latin impressions by various composers including two of my favorite works, Huapango by Jose Pablo Moncayo and the El Trenecito (the little train of the Caipira) movement from Villa-Lobos's Bachiana Brasileira No. 2; and several works on a disc of the music of Gustav Holst including his Cotswolds Symphony and The Hampshire Suite. A rather diverse collection today! And now, to work.

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Debra Keirce said...

Sophisticated music, for sophisticated works!