Thursday, September 10, 2009

Part 'the third' today, now, rapidly becoming a fun exercise in textural contrasts as well as light and shadow. As I have often mentioned here, those of us who work in monochrome mediums tend to rely heavily on contrast, compositional interest and textural variation to 'get the point across'. With a relatively spare canvas here, the nuances of the ground indications are really going to make or break this one. As in the recently completed large work that is about to be shipped off to Bennington, Vermont for their upcoming Impressions of New England show, in which the foreground rocks played such a major part in the overall composition of that piece, defining the majority of the space with a viably recognized textural pattern, in that case rocks and in this case dirt/sand/pebbles, is of great importance, not to mention a great deal of fun for this artist!

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