Friday, August 14, 2009

A new little ditty up on the drawing board now. I am often asked that most 'endearing' of questions at shows and gallery openings . . . 'How long does it take you to do something like that?' The accurate answer would be . . . a lifetime!
Of course, I never want to sound flip, so that is not the answer that comes out.
But in reality, sometimes it takes as long to do a small work like this one (image on this will be 3" x 5") as it would to do a work three times this size. It's all dependent upon what is going on in a particular work and just how noodly I need or want to be with it. As an example, this one is going to be very reliant upon getting the sandy texture of the ground true and right. So, there will be a lot of time spent in noodling that texture to make it so. In addition, when I get to the birds, the feathering will be very important and take some time too.
Even though this will wind up being a rather small, simple work, I want it to shine, so the devil will truly be in the details.

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Teresa said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on how you want this work to look when finished. I'm interested in the thought processes of artists as they're creating.