Friday, July 17, 2009

Before I begin work today, I wanted to post this shot of the work as it stood late last night. I am now working the foreground, detailing what needs detailing, sharpening up shadows and separations between rocks, softening grey tones as the rocks recede into the distance to add depth and other sundry stuff! I have 'framed' the image today as at a certain point in the process, I begin to do just that on the drawing board, frame the image so I can focus on the work and not be distracted by the unworked edges of the Bristol Board or other parts of the drawing table surface. This enables me to see the image more clearly and to be able to pick out spots that need work. I accomplish this by keeping several lengths of scrap mat board on the corner of my drawing table. These lengths are about 3" in width and vary in length from about 16" to 24". By lining them up over the drawing to match established corner points and overlapping the two lengths of mat at a perpendicular, I can see what the image will look like once completed and matted or framed out, thus bringing everything in the work to that point into a much sharper focus. I know many painter friends who will do the same thing with an incomplete canvas . . . they will drop it into a frame just so they can focus more on the work itself and not be distracted by what is going on around it. It is uncanny how much sharper everything appears when you do something like this in mid stream on a work. Try it!

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