Monday, March 09, 2009

This work is done! Image size - 8" x 16". I had intended, with all best intentions, to have finished and posted the work yesterday but . . . 72 degree weather got in the way. I just had to get myself out of the studio to enjoy the great day. It was interesting to note that just a week ago, at about the time yesterday when I was enjoying a hike along my favorite close-in creek, snow was falling! What a difference a week makes. And, as I hiked I noted the appearance of small clusters of lilac tinged or deep purple crocus. If the crocus are in sight, can spring be that far behind? This morning, I noted that the daffodil greens are up and reaching for the sky in my front yard, with even a flower spike or two about to open.

This work will be headed to Troika Gallery in Easton, Maryland for the upcoming Group Spring Show. I have a couple more to get done before making the trek across the Chesapeake Bay at the end of the month to deliver to the gallery, so stay tuned to see what might pop up next.

And don't forget the two current small works up for bidding on ebay. Links to the bid pages can be found in earlier postings below.


Laurene said...

I love the sun-dappled effect in this drawing. Would you explain how you kept the tree in the background so soft?
Thank you.

Linda Besse, Wildlife Artist said...

Hi Terry,
Love your new piece. The horses are wonderful! Since I haven't seen any of your horses before, it was a special treat.
Lucky you with the weather. We received more than 6 inches today and it is still snowing. Pretty, but I'm envious of your soon to be budding flowers.
Take Care, Linda