Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

March came in, overnight, like that lion that it sometimes does. We got a nice blanket of snow which is finally ending midafternoon today. Sure is purrrdee! Glad my 'job' is only steps away and that I did not have to get out at 5 AM and broom off the car and try and drive to work. I do have to make a trip into the back yard though, and fill the bird feeders. The birds were swarming about as the snow began to taper off earlier. I guess I will make a few marks on the current drawing in a bit, after lunch and just sitting and enjoying the white world all about. It's headed your way, New England!


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cpbvk said...

Yeah, thank god for our short commutes! Just for a bit of perspective, Here in the Rockies, March 1st saw temperatures in the 60s.