Friday, March 13, 2009

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Sometimes, when I get into a work, I will wonder to myself - 'WHY?'

Why did I even think to start such a busy, involved, detailed, noodly work? Well here I am, working on a piece filled with tiny noodles of hay and wondering, 'what have I gotten myself into?' These are the things that nightmares are made of. Oh well, I guess I will just noodle through, somehow! Lots more hay to come.


Dean Richards said...

Hello Terry,
Have you ever abandoned a piece that was well underway? I'm in a fix like that now where I've lost confidence in a drawing. I question the overall composition even though I worked on the design for a considerable amount and was very pleased with it before I comenced with the finish work. The actual process of the drawing has taken a long time so the questions arise about the initial inspiration. It's been on and off my drawing board for well over a year.

Terry Miller said...
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Terry Miller said...

Hey Dean,

Can't seem to find your email, so will respond here.

I can not say that I have actually ever abandoned a piece in mid stream as you talk about. But, there have been works that I have not felt totally happy with as I have worked on them; trying to see what it is about the piece that is bothering me and trying to rework the idea, composition or whatever, as I go, to 'fix' it.

Sometimes that has worked, and sometimes I have had to put a work aside, once framed, and look at it with a fresh eye maybe a week later. Often, I have been able to tell after not seeing the work for a bit, what is wrong and try to figure out if I can fix the problem or if I can not.

I have had works go out, here and there and everywhere, and finally come back to me, sit in my studio for months and years, and finally be pulled out of their frame and either destroyed, or cut down, trying to find the best part of a larger work to see if I can make a smaller more interesting work of it. This often works.

Yes, I have destroyed many pieces over the years that I realize, eventually, did not hit the mark or that on closer inspection, did not come up to the desired compositional idea. In some cases like that, I have gone back to the reference and original inspiration for the piece to see if I can come up with a reworked idea that might come together in a better way. But often, it is simply a matter of the time having passed and that spark that set the first idea in motion, long gone, can not be rekindled. Time then, to move on to other inspirations.

If you have something that you have been working on and off on over a long period of time, perhaps it is time to just bite the bullet and let it go and maybe see if you can start all over again, using the idea and inspiration that was there originally, to come up with a better composition or say to yourself, 'good idea, but time to lay it aside' and not let it haunt you any longer.

I know, from experience, how hard that is, to let go of time and effort and work on something, but sticking with something that ultimately is not going to work, or meet your personal expectations as an artist, does little good in the end, as you might ultimately find that work to be a piece that just sits in the closet after all is said and done.