Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OK, it's back to the drawing board. And today, some might surmise given the aspect of the subject at hand . . . that I have become too focused lately on horse's patoots! Yes, I did have a substantial focus on that part of a horse's anatomy in the piece that I finished a couple of weeks ago, my Birds in Art entry for this year. I have now begun a new work with a pretty strong emphasis on the rear portion of a horse yet again. Far be it from me to read anything 'significant' into this interesting turn of events, butt (hmmm, pun intended here?) maybe it is simply a matter of 'practice makes perfect'? Or, maybe it is simply a matter of being in a 'horsey' mood right now? Whatever the reason, here are the beginnings of the latest work.

And yes, I am actually tackling the human figure for a change. We shall see how it all turns out in the . . . end!

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naturegirl said...

I just LOVE horse patooties!!! God knows I have spent enough time cleaning up...well, you know.