Sunday, February 01, 2009

Groundhog Bowl Day

Not a whole lot of work has gone on so far this weekend, but this new work is taking shape, slowly. Right now, what I am doing is building up the grey values on the rumps of the horses . . . darkening as I go to indicate the varying textures of their coats. I also have to be concerned about making certain that their rumps come forward in the composition, establishing the proper depth, so this slow process of building up their rear quarters will occupy the next few day's worth of work, along with adding details across the work to make sure that everything works together and does not wind up looking like 'cut outs' here and there and things that have been 'applied'. I find sometimes, when looking at the works of other artists who are just 'that close' to coming up with a bang up, 100% work, that this is where the missteps often occur . . . not making sure that all the bits and pieces and parts all look like they are joined together and not like a collage of various elements that have been stuck to the canvas or paper; just a personal observation.

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