Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Getting a late start to studio time today, but will post yesterday's work . . .

. . . and a reminder today to take a look at the page that was set up to help out friend, Lyn St. Clair as quite a few new works from some new artists have been added to the page. There are some terrific works available!

And my little marching penguins are still up on ebay for bidding till the end of this week; yesterday's post has a direct link.


Rachete said...

Neat pic.


cpbvk said...

Another nice piece, Terry!
...but where's your Mendelssohn tribute?

Kathryn Hansen said...

Your horses...all of your graphite drawings... are fantastic, you are truly an incredible artist!! What type or brand of pencils do you work with?

Terry Miller said...

Hey Kathryn,
Thanks for the kind words. I just checked out your web site and I should just say 'back atcha!' Very nice work on your part too.
As to my pencils, I use a host of pencils from different manufacturers; Truquoise, Eberhard, Faber Castell and various leads as well though mostly Turquoise as that seems to be the only brand I can find now for my drafting lead holders. If you take a look at the tutorial I did a few days back, you will see several of my pencils in some of the shots and also, somewhere way back in the archive, from almost the very beginning in 04, there are several postings very specific about my pencils.

And Carel . . . not to leave out dear old Felix, I did listen to the violin concerto today as well as the Italian (one of my favs) Symphony about twenty minutes ago. I could just about feel my horsies swinging their butts, keeping time!