Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Before I finally sit down to the drawing board today, let me post yesterday's bit of work . . . or as I call it . . . my 'coloring'! It's a lot of over layering in the dark shadow on the horse's neck, soft layers of ever softer graphite to build up the shadow but still to leave some highlights and modeling so the neck has dimension to it. I realize, after looking at this image, that a lot of that really does not show up as this is a rather dark shot. Oh well, it will all wash out in the end! And if you have not guessed as yet . . . this is going to be one of my Birds in Art entries for this year's jury in May. Yes, the bird is rather insignificant at the moment, but I think once the work is done and everything has melded together at last, I think little birdie will take on an importance all its own. And anyway, as I have ranted and raved and gone on and on and on about in the past, when working on a piece such as this for a very important jury, a bit of humor or surprise or unexpected intent, to my way of thinking, adds that bit of 'Hey, look at me', to help to catch a juror's eye. I guess that remains to be seen come mid May.


The current work up for bidding on ebay.

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Jennie Norris said...

Just wanted to tell you, I was drawing last night and stopped for a quick minute to flip through your book that was sitting nearby. An hour later I was still there..... amazed! I love everything about your work, your bridge series just floors me every time I look at it.....I see something new every time I look...... Just wanted to give you props!

Stephanie said...

It is coming along beautifully, Terry. What size is this one?

Terry Miller said...

Hey Stephanie, this one is going to finish out at 8" x 18".