Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kiss, anyone?


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Hi Terry,

Beautiful image as usual. I love the depth you get in your work. Speaking of which have you got any tips on photographing graphite work for the web? I have a decent camera (Canon) but still cannot get a good representation. (Or do you scan yours in?) Any info would be much appreciated.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Lesley,
Sorry for the delay in responding to your query here, been running around.
I generally photo my finished works outside in natural lighting. I will take a number of shots, either with the work in direct sun or in slight shadow with refelected sun, to see which will 'read' truer on my computer screen.
In progress shots are taken at the drawing board under the lights that I work with when drawing and adjusted in Photoshop to brighten whites and deepen darks to the appropriate level.
Other than those comments, I really don't have any other 'secret' ways of shooting my work.
Oh, and I always shoot my work in color and then adjust to grey scale in Photoshop before posting to my blog or web site. I do tend to lose a bit of the warmth in grey tones in doing that, but I have found that the images look a lot nicer and actually truer when converted to grey scale for the web.
I hope this might be of help!

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Many thanks for the tips. I think the problem with my images is reflected light as the darks are uneven. So more practise is needed! I will try what you said. Thanks again :) Lesley

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