Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The other day, I decided to park on the patio in the backyard and see if the birds would not be disturbed by my presence while they enjoyed a fresh fill of the feeders. It worked!

I wound up spending a quiet couple of hours enjoying the comings and goings and sharing the morning with the birds. I watched as a female cardinal fed seeds and such from the flat feeder to a youngster who was continuously squawking and chattering for 'more, more, more'! A pair of nuthatches darted in every once in a bit too, till they had their fill and flew off. Sparrows joined in too.

The squirrels soon arrived from every direction and one brave soul even tried to climb up one of the poles only to be stopped in his tracks by the baffle; caught in an embarrassing position, I think he sure was baffled!

It struck me as I returned to the indoors and reviewed my just snapped images just how much enjoyment I had had that morning. Thinking back, way back, to when I did my first work that included birds as subject matter, I was rather surprised at just how many works over these last ten years or so, had either had birds as the major subject focus or as a secondary focus. Considering that when I did my first piece that got into Birds in Art back in 1991, I had till that time, never done a work with a single bird in it. That first entry was done from borrowed reference material and the collectors who bought the work, were the ones who made me aware of the exhibition, which till then, I knew nothing about.

So, all these years later, here I am in what seems like every other or at least every third work, using bird reference material as major subject matter. It is interesting, to me as an artist and simply as a person, to ponder the ramifications of avian inspiration and the paths down which that material has directed me.

Let's hear it for . . . . the Birds!

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