Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Bye, Paul

I was dismayed to read of the passing of one of my favorite movie 'STARS', Paul Newman. Unlike many others, I feel, who have had that title slid onto their heads, Mr. Newman deserved every inch of that word.

I think the very first time I saw him in a film was in Tennessee Williams' moody, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, with another of my all time favorites, Elizabeth Taylor. Great performances in a very fine movie. If I remember it all correctly, a couple of my buddies and I wangled our way into a Saturday afternoon showing of the movie by 'padding' our ages at the ticket window! I think, if I am remembering it all the way it went down, there was an age restriction for that movie at that time. Well, anyway, I do remember what an impact that movie made on me and when I was a bit older and maybe wiser, sought out other stories by Williams, thanks in great part, to the fine, fine acting of Paul and Liz, as well as Burl Ives.

Just looking at a list, again, of all the wonderful films that Paul was in, reminds me of many memorable hours sitting in the dark of a cool movie theater on a Saturday afternoon, or Friday night.

Guys like Paul don't come along very often, in my estimation, and I guess in the estimation of many others from what is being said about him on the net. He made a damn fine spaghetti sauce too!

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