Thursday, August 07, 2008

This afternoon's work. What is going on now is that I am trying to establish some good forwards and backwards movement (depth) to the various planes of the steps and other elements of this piece. By focusing right now on the darks and shadows, I can begin to separate and give slight distance by greying out the background shadows as they recede up and away. As I do this, I can go back to the foreground darks and intensify them if needed. By moving around the work right now, and not staying so focused on one area or another, I should be able to control the dark areas, adjusting them as need be, and give the appropriate depth to the work. I can always, then, just before completing the work, go in and pump up the foreground darks as needed to give that last little bit of intensity and bring things all the way forward. The darkest I have gone so far is about HB with a dab or two of 2B here and there at corners to make strong separations.

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